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AT Nature Team Arto Terhi Sissi and Hiski are enjoying the Midnight Sun.

AT Nature is a family-run business offering outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. AT NATURE was founded for our passion for arctic nature. In our opinion nature activities can make us happier and healthier in today’s busy world. Our mission is to introduce arctic nature and its benefits to nature lovers around the world. In addition we want to share our concern about the threats the arctic nature is facing at the moment.

With us, you enjoy and learn about arctic plants and wildlife, local super food, authentic Finnish traditions still practiced today, silence and tranquillity around us. We are a small team and our dogs belong to it too.

We live in the edge of the Muotkatunturi wilderness area, Lemmenjoki National Park and an ancient taiga forest. Part of our property is a young forest (over 70 years old) and the other part has a small lake, mires and hundreds of years old pine trees. Among other birds Siberian Jay and Siberian Tit (typical old forest birds) are our neighbours.

It is our pleasure to introduce you our nature paradise where we relax and enjoy the arctic nature every day.

Arctic Tern is flying above AT Nature.

Story of AT in the name of our business

We are called Arto and Terhi and we live in a tiny village called Tirro (in English Arctic Tern) so we decided to have the letter combination AT in our company’s name

Arctic Terns are famous for the longest migration known in animal kingdom which we both have travelled to Antarctic Peninsula.

We hope to see you one day here where some Arctic Terns start their incredible migration!

Our Team


CEO | Biologist | Guide | Teacher

TERHI has been working in tourism for over two decades, first freelance and then full-time.

Freelance guide work took her to every continent. Her favourite destinations (besides Lapland) include Spitsbergen, Antarctic, Galápagos and savannahs of Eastern Africa. In turn full-time job took her behind the scenes of production, marketing and quality control of tours.

She is also a teacher of biology and geography. Her interests have been multiple: from nature activities, running marathons, cycling, dogs, fishing and diving to data analyses. Because of different interests she has studied e.g. German, Biology and Tourism Research in the universities of Turku, Joensuu and Lapland.

Sie kann auch Deutsch. 

AT Nature Terhi is enjoying the Sun in the Wilderness area Muotkatunturi.


Biologist | Wilderness Guide

ARTO has been working over 20 years for nature conservation in Lapland. His job has taken him everywhere in Lapland including every national park and wilderness area. Working alone in wilderness is the best way to get advanced bush craft skills.  He is specialised to arctic habitat types and endangered plants, and he has also been monitoring arctic fox and big predators like wolverines.

Arto spends most of his free-time in wilderness areas fishing and hunting with Hiski or Sissi. Hunting-gathering has always been a part of the finnish culture and can still be practiced in sustainable way here in Northern Lapland. Spring time is filled with birding trips in Northern Lapland and Norwegian coast often with Terhi. He also likes to travel and has been a “co-guide” with Terhi on some tours. In addition Arto is a passionate gatherer: buckets and baskets are filled quickly with berries and mushrooms.


We take our dogs almost everywhere with us. Sissi was our oldest team dog until March 2021, when she went to Rainbow Bridge.

Hiski is a Nordic Spitz developed to help people in hunting. However, Hiski has taken part also in a training course for animal-assisted activities.

Activities in wilderness

LapinTintti Eco-Cabin

Inari-Saariselkä region logo.

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