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Explore Arctic Nature

with Local Biologist
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AT Nature is a family-run business offering outdoor activities and packages in Inari, Lapland. The groups are small or private and the activities include always home visit. We live next to wilderness and are happy to pick you up from Inari village to enjoy tranquillity around us.

Welcome to experience the precious nature and local authentic life above the Arctic Circle!

Visit our home and get insight into:

Two willow grouses under a birch tree.

Arctic Nature

Our taiga forest is surrounded with mires and small lakes. Among other species Willow Grouse, Pine Grosbeak, Siberian Tit and Siberian Jay are common around us.

Let’s do some bird-watching and plant identification!


Lingonberries growing on a stump.

Super Food

Berries and mushrooms are tasty and extremely healthy. They contain different vitamins, minerals and fibres.

With us you learn about our tasty treasure and get even taste it yourself.

Northern lights and the Moon in the sky.

Night Sky

Our night sky can be amazing especially from late August until the end of March.

We live almost 20 km away from the lights of village Inari, so our home is one of the best places to admire Aurora borealis, the Moon and stars.

Terhi is taking out the fishing net under the ice.

Local Traditions

Gathering, hunting, fishing and sauna are old traditions still practiced in whole Finland.

Experience our traditions in authentic surroundings and get some tips why Finns are the happiest people of the world wink

Reddish sky above a frozen lake.

Silence and tranquillity

Cities are full of noise, rush and pollution. However, you can de-stress yourself only in 15 minutes when being in nature.

During our activities you also enjoy the sounds of nature and relax in the arctic tranquillity.

Terhi is measuring the snow depth with Hiski and Sissi.

Field Work

What role does snow play for wildlife and locals? Why our waters are excellent especially in Lapland? How can we help endangered birds?

Find your inner scientist when doing some field work with us.


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