Birdwatching and Bird Photography

Birdwatching and bird photography enthusiasts have a perfect place to stay in our backyard because the LapinTintti Eco-Cabin is surrounded by old forests, mires, bogs and forest lakes.

Ancient pine forest is a home for Siberian Jays, Siberian Tits and Pine Grosbeaks. You can often see and photograph these species from the terrace of our cabin. Also Capercaillies, Three Toed Woodpeckers and Black Woodpeckers are living in the old pine forests nearby.


In May the mires and bogs nearby are welcoming their regular inhabitants, waders, back home. Good place to observe waders is the terrace of our cabin. In addition, the small forest lake in front of the cabin looses its ice cover and attracts some waterfowl to feed there. Rough Legged Buzzards, Tengmalms Owls and Hawk Owls are commonly observed during high peaks of vole cycles.

On request, we can organize private birding or bird photography tours in Inari. Please get in touch with us and ask for an offer.

Male Pine grosbeak during the winter bird walk of AT Nature.

Bird Walk in Inari

Learn about birds and observe their behavior at bird feeding stations near our home next to old-growth forest!

DURATION: 2,5 hours


AVAILABILITY: February – April (on request only)

Explore Ancient Forest and Mire: Nature Walk with Local Biologist

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, get to know some species of mires and an ancient forest and relax in the woods!

DURATION: 3,5 hours

GROUP SIZE: 2–6 persons

AVAILABILITY: May – June and August – September

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LapinTintti Eco-Cabin

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