Please check out our COVID-19 instructions.

Tutustu COVID-19 -ohjeisiimme.

Covid-19 / Corona Instructions for Safety

Arto of AT Nature is wearing a face mask and using hand rinse.

Your safety is important to us

AT Nature follows COVID-19 guidelines provided by local health authorities. We live and all our activities take place next to wilderness far away from crowded tourist centres. Our groups are small (2–6 people) or private.

Here are some actions we are doing to secure the safety of our guests and team:

  • We take care of physical distancing – we have distancing markers in our kota and in our minibus.
  • We offer face masks during activities which include transfer.
  • Hand rinse is available in our eco-cabin, kota and outdoor toilet.
  • The snacks we offer are individually packaged.
  • Our Team uses face mask during transfer and meals.
  • We have raised our standards related to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.


Please remember the following

  • Avoid handshaking and keep a safe distance.
  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap and use hand rinse when necessary.
  • Cough considerately. Cover you mouth and nose with a disposable tissue. If you do not have handkerchief, cough into your upper sleeve.
  • Put used handkerchiefs in the trash immediately after use.
  • Contact our Team if you suspect you have contracted COVID-19.

We wish you a safe and pleasant holiday!

Last updated: 12th September, 2020.

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